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Home Health Screening Kits


As experienced healthcare professionals, we recognise the importance of not just paying attention to your health when you have your health screen, but also being able to monitor it throughout the year. That is why we send out our home health assessment toolkit as soon as you have placed your order. Apart from including a questionnaire and freepost return envelope which helps us construct your report, we also give you a blood pressure monitor and waist measurement device that are yours to keep!


Blood Pressure. Blood pressure and waist size are two of the most under-rated health tools in private healthcare and are omitted by many private health screening providers as they are not deemed hi-tech enough. High blood pressure, (over 140/90) otherwise known as hypertension affects over a quarter of people in the UK. High blood pressure  significantly increases the risk of stroke and heart disease, whilst even if you have blood pressure in the upper normal range you could still halve your risk of a heart attack or stroke by reducing it to under 120 over 80. Achieve this by using salt sparingly, eating more fruit and vegetables, keeping to a healthy weight for your height, and partaking in moderate exercise five times a week.

You wil be able to monitor your blood pressure on a regular occasion with the use of your Health Screening Blue blood pressure monitor - yours to keep!


Waist Size. It is not widely known that waist size has been shown to be a greater predictor of cardiac risk than a cholesterol blood test! A waist size over the recommended level for gender and ethnicity significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes, or suffering a heart attack or stroke.

You will be able to keep track of your waist size more readily with our Health Screening Blue retractable waist measure tape - yours to use when you are brave enough!


Health Screening Home Assessments. Using our physician designed questionnaire we will screen you for adverse health conditions and make the following assessments.

  • Osteoporosis screening that is considered by the BMJ to be a better predictor of Osteoporosis than Ultrasound scans!
  • Your chance of suffering a cardiovascular death in the next five years, and advice on how to reduce the risk.
  • A lifestyle activity assessment.
  • A complete diabetic assessment to complement your blood glucose reading.
  • A Kidney risk assessment to complement your Kidney blood tests.
  • A Liver risk assessment to complement your Liver function tests.
  • A Nutritional risk assessment
  • A Depression risk score
  • A Stress risk score assessment
  • Body Mass Index and Waist to height ratio

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Health Screening



Choosing a health screen on-line can be a difficult decision, but it is also an important one. We make the choice easy for you by arranging for a Blue Horizon approved Registered Nurse to visit you at home or at your workplace. Conducting only Clinically validated tests our nurse will take all the blood and measurements necessary for one of our Doctors to issue you with an extremely comprehensive 25 page health report sent by special delivery to you within 7 days of your nurse attending.


Do not attend a health screening this year, let our health screen ATTEND YOU!

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